~The Infamous Society Clan Policy~

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~The Infamous Society Clan Policy~

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- Glitching and Hacking are PROHIBITED and will result in an immediate ban if used.

- The The Grenade Launcher should only be used to a limit. This means DO NOT go H.A.M. on everyone with the launcher. Also, RPG's and other launchers should be used for tactical uses not just shooting at a direct enemy constantly.

- Don't put the clan tag [iS] on until your apart of the clan. If you are a Recruit in Training the clan tag should be (iS). When you become a recruit be sure to remember that when we add the (iS) tag to your name on site, that will also be your new username on the site too.

- No Multi-Clanning

- No Drama this clan has zero tolerance for drama here.

- Our minimum age limit is 14.

- Maintain above a 1.0 K/D


- Founders - Self-explanatory.

- Leaders - To help oversee the rest of the clan and run the clan as a democracy.

- Co-Leaders - second in command to the leaders. If a leader isn't present a co-leader is the next highest authority. If there is ever a tie between the leaders, the co-leaders are looked to for a response.

- Division Leaders - Leaders specific to a certain system. Whether it be PS3, 360, or Wii.

- Elite Members - Members who have excelled and shown that they are here to stay. These guys are awesome.

- Members - The nucleus of the clan. The base and power of the clan. The members are always important and they can voice their opinion and not be scared for what a higher ranking member will say.

- Recruits In Training - This is a 1-2 week position (Varies from person to person) that you will hold until you are evaluated by the Leaders and Co-Leaders to see if you are really Infamous Society Material. When the Leaders go back and look at your tryout, activity, and such things they will let you know if you are accepted into the clan fully or not. While you’re a Recruit in Training your tag will be (iS) NOT [iS], but as soon as you are accepted u can get the [iS].

- Hall of Fame - These are Ex-Members who have proven themselves in the clan. We respect what these guys have done and they're always welcome back at anytime.

- Honored Guests - Clan friends that can visit anytime they'd like.


Now I know some will wonder how to get promoted. Well, here are some tips:

- Be Active in-game and on this site, we cannot stress this enough, you must be active with the whole community!

- Recruit! All of our growth comes from either or direct advertising in game or on various Call Of Duty websites. It may seem obvious but, if a clan isn't growing, it's dying. Show you're proud to be a part of iS, by bringing more quality players and people.

- Be respectful to ALL clan members even if you don’t agree with what they say.

- Help out the clan by asking questions like "Can I do this or that to help out the clan?"

- Be Trustworthy A leader or a moderator will probably ask you to do something it will be nice if you do it.

- No Secrets We are a family. If another person is bothering you or you see rumors being spread around, please let a leaders know and we'll solve the problem in the best way possible.

- ALSO One of the most annoying things you can do is to keep asking to be promoted. We watch and recognize what every member is doing. We'll pick the right person for the job.


Mic’s in game are not mandatory for you to join the clan but we would love it if you had one. We want to talk to you in game. Not only does it help us play better and more like a team, but it's also makes the game FAR more fun. We are not forcing you to get one and we know some people have financial problems so we wont stress this too much. But if that’s not the case try your best to purchase a Mic.


If you feel you are going to be inactive, you must make a thread or tell a leader you are going to be inactive. Or post here, http://www.infamoussocietyclan.com/f34-absence-notices-and-clan-events.

Here are the limits for non-notified absences:

10 days (Demotion) - For Elite Members or below
20 days (Demotion) - For Division Leaders +


The Infamous Society was founded in December of 2010 so we have been around for over 2 years! We started originally on the wii, but we have spread out into PS3/360 divisions. The founders made the clan so people can have a chill place to hang out, competitive play if you'd like, and just all in all cool people to play with. We still stay true to that today.

That's it really. We cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to be apart of the ENTIRE community! We are not just a clan, we are a FAMILY!

That's about it. We hope you enjoy your stay at the inFamous Society! Very Happy

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