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Post by jomax23 on Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:52 am

Gaming System(s) You Own:Wii

(If on Wii U) NNID:9nuggets9
(If on PS3) PSN:
(If on 360) Gamertag:

How you did you hear about us (If you were recruited, who recruited you?):i found this on the top 100 clans of mw3


Location (City, State and/or country): im currently in England

Rank (Prestige/Level):
prestige the first red one rank 23

Win/Loss Ratio: .93

Kill/Death Ratio:
1.somethin Razz

Favorite Gametype (Core, Hardcore, etc.): core

What gamemodes do you usually play?: TDM

Weapon(s) of Choice:
The Riot Shield!! and mostly the USAS 12

Perks/Equipment of Choice: Quickdraw Pro, Sitrep Pro, CFlash , TN

Map(s) of Choice: Hardhat, Lockdown

Do you have a PS3/Xbox360/Wii HEADSET and/or Skype? : Only skype bro FTW

Previous Clans, and Why You Left: This is mah first clan wish me luck boi!

How long have you been playing CoD series?: 2 and 1/2 years 

Multi Clanning/changing your "iS" tag is strictly prohibited and will get you banned. Do you understand? : Yes/No
Hell Yeah

Rocket Launchers are allowed, however, the grenade launcher attachment is not. We don't mind you using it sometimes, but don't over-do it. Do you understand? : Yes/No
Hell Yeah i dont use overkill anyway

Glitching and hacking/boosting are also prohibited and will also get you banned. Do you understand? : Yes/No
Hell Yeah
Best time to contact you for a tryout? : 

Friday, Saturday and thats it Contact me Brah
Other Information you might want us to know:
Im Training to Quickscope


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